Lumi Dual Screen Preconfigured Modular Aluminum Monitor Arm (LDT15-C024)

Lumi Dual Screen Preconfigured Modular Aluminum Monitor Arm (LDT15-C024)

Brand : Lumi

Model :

Category : Ergonomics - Monitor Brackets

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Easy installation, Adding extension arms to compose different monitor mounts

LDT15-C024 is a 2 monitor full extension mount in LDT-15 series that includes 5 different preconfigured monitor mounts varying from a single monitor close mount to a 4 monitor full extension mount. The series features a very convenient and efficient method to assemble all these 5 monitor mounts by simply adding additional accessories to the basic single monitor close mount. They are perfect for the work requiring different types of monitor mounts. In terms of the installation of LDT15-C024, replaced the pole piece on single monitor mounts by a dual pole piece, a single monitor full extension mount can be converted to be a 2 monitor full extension mount. LDT15-C024 also has ergonomic articulating mechanisms. The large rotation range of reading angles position monitors in suitable directions and at comfortable distances for different working conditions. The wide range of tilting and height adjustment provide satisfying viewing angles. Different ways of reading content on a screen can be achieved with a rotating mounting plate from landscape to portrait. No worries about those twisted cables, a cable clip and cable fixers on the mount make the cables easy to manage. The cable clip can be also used as a hek key holder in order to always keep your hek keys handy. With an adjustable heavy duty clamp, these monitor mounts can be attached to most desks with thickness from 10mm to 85mm. LDT15-C024 perfectly offers well-designed and economic solutions to various use of monitor mounts in offices, due to all these easily handled features.


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